Staffing World 2019 - Handling Harassment Complaints in the #MeToo Era


We are proud to sponsor ASA Staffing World 2019. Join Tannenbaum Helpern’s employment attorneys Andrew Singer and Jason Klimpl for their workshop entitled, “Handling Harassment Complaints in the #MeToo Era” on October 17 at 11:30am.

Human Capital Action Learning Series


THSH employment attorney Andrew Singer will be speaking on “Top 3 Human Capital Trends for 2020” at Next Opportunity Group’s Human Capital series. Register by Friday, March 29th to join the workshop.

Global Conference 2019: A World of Many Voices, United in Our Diversity


On November 7th, THSH distribution attorney Andre R. Jaglom will be speaking on Panel 2 at the Global Conference 2019 in Tokyo, Japan about drafting distribution contracts around the world, and how suppliers and distributors can address the disruptive complications arising from the explosive growth of e-commerce intermediaries and their disregard for distribution territories.

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